An animated logo for Highbar Physical Therapy
The Foraged Market logo among illustrated greenery and fungi.
The subitup logo with the tag line "we give a shift"
Smiling teen holding a bottle of Flook skin soothing serum.A hand holding a cup of Far Out blueberry soft serve ice cream
An animation of the COR logo forming and disappearing
A person with a helmet on riding a longboard amongst Defiant logos
An animation of a neon sign for Pepper's Landing lobster
A Caniba logo with the tagline "Get wise, not weird"
Stationary including business cards and letterhead of Tyler Karu interior design
An animation of a juicy roast beef sandwich being built for Miller's Roast Beef
An antique box with the Chart Metalworks logo overlaid
An animation of the A Small Good logo shrinking and growing
An animation of the birchbrook logo moving and reorienting around the image
Mock ups of business cards for Desired Path
An animation of the Crews and Co. logo with the tagline "Champions of Scale"
A photo of a brick facade with a hanging sign for Creative Office Resources
A series of shapes animating to form an abstract shape on a red background
A close up photo of a black comptrain shirt
An animation of the Flook logo waving as though it's underwater
Two quote bubbles that appear like turnips comprise the turnip logo
A billboard mockup for Miller's Famous Sandwiches that has an illustrated dog riding a motor scooter
The logo and logotype for Anomaly
A close up of a Geary Brewing beer can
A stylized, blurry photo of someone on a longboard with the defiant logo overlaid
An animation of the ellio logo
A stylized design of a pine tree with a star represents the Maine Spaceport logo