Unruly skin is a cry for kelp.

Brand Identity, Packaging

Branding that Breaks Gender Stereotypes for Flook Skincare

Born out of a desire to destigmatize self care for young men, Flōōk set out to lift up a new generation while encouraging them to value caring for their skin. We were tasked with creating a name and brand identity system that would represent their no nonsense approach to skincare while bucking dominant narratives of masculinity.


Brand Identity & Strategy


Client: Flōōk

THE Challenge

Even though Flōōk is a brand meant specifically for young men, the identity had to speak to a generation that doesn’t fit neatly into stereotypical gendered roles. The branding needed to speak to an increasingly environmentally-savvy generation, and simultaneously say, “It’s ok to have a gym routine” and “It’s ok to have a daily skincare routine” without beating anyone over the head with it. That’s a lot of boxes to check!

Our APproach

Flook harnesses the power of sea kelp to nourish skin. We knew that this was where to lean in to emphasize Flook’s natural ingredients and maintain a young aesthetic that avoids the dark, masculine branding typically pushed on young men. With the sea as our guide, we set forth to bring together a cohesive visual identity across all aspects of the Flōōk brand.


Their wordmark draws parallels with the unbroken movement inherent in the kelp forests of coastal habitats and this movement is further emphasized in the kelp-inspired logo itself. These elements along with a color palette of greens and blues are playful, appealing, and evocative of Flōōk’s natural ingredients.

“…Flook’s attractive and ocean-heavy Gen-Z branding make for a pleasant departure from the aggressive visual identity associated with products made for young men.”

Rudy Sanchez | Dieline

Gen-Z is used to being marketed too and can see insincerity from a mile away. The packaging had to be as honest and as uncomplicated as their product. Transparency about the ingredients they use and what makes them safe and effective with a clean and simple aesthetic was the key.


In conjunction with a simplified approach to packaging and brand messaging, the type system for Flōōk is clean and straightforward. Dynamic moments of type interject themselves into the system to create a fluid energy that is analogous to the kelp that is prominent in their formula.


Shortly after its launch, our brand identity work garnered the attention of Dieline, who lauded the branding for its ability to capture Gen-Z in a unique way. The Flōōk team also deemed it a success, feeling that we rose to the challenge and came away with an identity and design system that embodies their mission and their approach to natural ingredients.