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​​Campaign strategy for sustainable footwear brand, Munjoi

Munjoi is a versatile, plant-based shoe brand with the goal of reducing waste in a wasteful industry. Our goal was to develop a launch campaign strategy that defined Munjoi as a forward-thinking brand intersecting sustainability, comfort, and versatility. We knew sustainability was already a well-told brand story in a saturated market. We needed to keep it at the core of our messaging, but develop a better story to make the Munjoi brand bold and interesting.


Art Direction
Wardrobe & Set Styling
Prop & Set Design
E-Commerce Site Design & Development


Photographer: Ben Macri
Talent: Rugged Team

The challenge

When the Munjoi team came to us, they had no brand identity or awareness. They had a complicated story to tell because they were one of the first in the convertible shoe space. With a laundry list of value props, we had to find a way to communicate the message clearly without confusing the consumer or greenwashing.

As a four-in-one convertible shoe, it was tricky to explain function without sounding like an infomercial. In its infancy, we didn’t want Munjoi to appear as a gimmick. So, “say it without saying it” was the creative challenge for the product.


With an overabundance of greenwashing in the apparel world, we wanted to make sure that our language was easy to understand. We communicated our message through friendly illustrations, highlighting the shoe’s key benefits without the fluff. We saved that for the cotton clouds.


Creative was intended to feel like a dreamscape because a four-in-one-shoe feels too good to be true. Floating clouds, and lush landscapes evoke this whimsical feeling. We also leveraged hand-drawn illustrations of the plant materials that comprise Munjoi’s shoes. This highlighted sustainability in a way that felt very human and personal. These key visual elements were brought together in brand guidelines that were leveraged to create a consistent identity across all content.


Our campaign had three objectives: illustrate their brand values in a bright, energetic way, highlight the shoe’s key benefits (both in functionality & sustainability), and alter the way Munjoi’s audience perceives the impact of their purchasing habits.

“I felt that their desire to create something great was as big as mine, and we were in it together until we were all happy.”

Patrick Hogan, CEO & Founder

Munjoi came away with a cohesive identity that displays their quality, mission, and value prop in a simple way. Quality and sustainability can be felt throughout the visuals and succinct taglines while avoiding heavy-handed pandering that savvy consumers have learned to see through. The clean and clear approach we took has garnered attention and remedied any previous confusion around their four-in-one solution. Their followers have tripled since launching our campaign.