Creative Campaign

A New Take on a Classic Campaign for Almond Cow

Almond Cow, the plant-based milk maker, needed a holiday campaign that reinforced its earth-friendly mission: drink more plants. Riffing on the esteemed and celebrated “Got Milk” campaign, we flipped a familiar concept on its head by creating (real) plant-based ingredient mustaches.


Art Direction
Wardrobe & Set Styling
Prop & Set Design


Photographer: Joe St. Pierre
Talent: Maggie Agency
HMU: Alicia Dane

Say hello to the modern day milk mustache:
crushed almonds, shredded coconut –
maybe a mix of both? The possibilities are nuts.


Almond Cow needed a holiday campaign that elevated their product while making using the almond cow look fun. With other competitors introducing more creative approaches to advertising, it was time to take a new approach on their white, bright, and airy aesthetic. We gave them scroll stopping content that broke the mold currently seen in the health food, earth-friendly space.

Our Approach

We drew inspiration from the nostalgia of the “Got Milk?” campaign from the early 2000s as well as vintage milk and dairy ads. Paired with cleverly descriptive messaging, this approach allowed audiences to quickly register the Almond Cow as a versatile nut milk maker. We wanted the outcome to be evergreen if need be while also fitting into the holiday landscape.

Art Direction

Nostalgic themes pay homage to the quirky advertising style of vintage milk campaigns. Curated and created props nod to Almond Cow’s values, spun with a bit of humor and holiday cheer. We leaned into the “DIY” culture of food blogs and health food products, giving each model a different recipe to match their persona. We wanted to capture the attention of makers and doers looking for new and fun ways to make plant based alternatives.


This campaign won Gold medal in the Social Media Campaign category at the Broderson’s awards ceremony in 2023. The imagery has been seen in Forbes, Business Insider, Hollywood Reporter, VegOut, Clean Eating, Thrillist, and Vice.