Brand Identity & Launch Campaign

Launching Highbar's New Brand Identity

Previously known as Performance Physical Therapy, Highbar came to us wanting a brand expression that would better reflect their values and keep up with their growing franchise. Our goal was to create a whole new perspective on physical therapy. By steering clear of today’s expected healthcare trends, we aimed to reshape the industry’s reputation through unexpected typography, language, and color.


Brand Identity & Strategy
Art Direction
Campaign Concepting & Production
Wardrobe & Set Styling


Photographer: Todd Dionne
Videographer: Cody Ball
Talent: Maggie Agency
HMU: Jazmin Fernandez


Design elements capture the energy and spirit behind physical therapy, while showcasing the passion expressed by Highbar and it’s therapists. We used bright pops of color and clean lines that are evocative of sports brands to hit home the concept that Highbar is not just about healthcare, but about your health, recovery and fitness journey.

The Challenge

For their brand launch campaign, Highbar wanted to communicate that physical therapy should be a routine part of your life. We avoided traditional, clinical imagery associated with the physical therapy industry and focused on the lives and voices of patients.


Changing perceptions and misconceptions meant strong messaging that encourages people to consider physical therapy as a routine part of healthcare. We focused on succinct, punchy copy that expressed physical therapy as a key component of getting back to the things you love most.

Photography and Visuals

Lifestyle and studio photography promote moving your body and living without limitation. Vibrant visuals are carried across digital platforms and social media to speak to new customers and potential hires. This continues the idea that physical therapy does not have to fit in with the sterile healthcare space. We strived to show movement in more approachable, humanizing ways to hit home that anyone can get back to the things they love, and do them even better.

Campaign Approach

Our concept profiled 3 different demographics. Each profile aimed to not only highlight their physical therapy story, but showcase who they are as an individual and how their treatment was personalized for them. By using conversational and relatable storytelling, we were able to capture the spirit of each patient and speak to multiple audiences.


The Highbar team was proud to launch the new name with a complimentary identity that truly captured their mission, vision, and values. The typography, color palette, and imagery from our shoot is now being rolled out into new practices across New England.