Giant leaps for Maine kind

Brand Identity

Positioning Maine Spaceport as the Future Destination of Space Travel

Maine is uniquely positioned to become a global leader in the rapidly emerging sector of small launch services. Its ideal geography (high-latitude south facing coast, and lack of light pollution) make it the perfect location for aerospace activity. We were tasked with designing an identity for Maine Spaceport that could adapt alongside their growing endeavors and set the stage for where they’re headed.


Brand Identity & Strategy


Client: Flōōk

THE Challenge

Maine may be a fantastic location for future growth in the space sector, but currently it’s in its infancy and funding is still minimal. We were challenged to work within a tight budget and create an exciting brand identity with an iconic logo that could stand up against the iconic space emblems we’re familiar with. The hope for this effort was to garner excitement from the community to drive future funding and position Maine as the industry player it deserves to be.

Our APproach

It was important to visually represent Maine’s strategic advantages in aerospace activity. Through collage-style imagery, we were able to visually communicate Maine’s strategic geographic location. These compositions were paired with clever language with the intent to garner excitement and intrigue from the general public.


The logo for Maine Spaceport is a nod to Maine’s iconic state flag. Allowing the brand to feel rooted in the state’s heritage without feeling small, it strives to evoke the wonder and curiosity central to their mission—advancing knowledge and technology within the space sector.


Color is pulled from hues found in the northern lights, another nod to the spaceport’s geographical location. The northern lights themselves evoke a sense of possibility and wonder related to our night sky that’s in keeping with the Spaceports mission and identity. The gradients can shift and change allowing the brand to flex while always creating a sense of movement.


Shortly after launching their clean, new brand identity, Maine Spaceport secured 1.2 million dollars in federal funding. Gaining additional notoriety to drive funding was a major goal of the effort, and the team has been extremely happy with the result. Our efforts demonstrate a vision of what Maine can look like as a space hub and more and more people are getting behind that vision.